How to prevent frozen water pipes

In the Lombard and surrounding areas we experience extreme cold temperatures in the winter.  It is always important to ensure you leave the heat on in the buildings even if they are vacant.   A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services recommends keeping the heat set to no lower than 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold days.  When the temperatures get down below zero we recommend turning the heat up to at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here are some steps to follow to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

Before the weather turns cold

  • Disconnect all hoses to the hose bibs outside
  • If the hose bib has a shut off valve inside, be sure to turn it off and open the hose bib to drain the water
  • Identify any areas that has plumbing and cold spots
    • Attic spaces
    • Crawl spaces
    • Basements
    • Unheated spaces
    • plumbing fixtures on an outside wall
  • Know how to turn off your water
    • Locate and identify the main water shut off for the whole house
    • Locate and identify the shut off for the hot water
  • Strengthen your defenses eliminate sources of cold air
    • Close of crawl spaces
    • Fix drafty windows
    • Insulate walls and attic
    • Stop drafts around doors
  • Protect your pipes, where pipes are exposed to the cold wrap them in insulation or heat tape

When the temperatures get cold

  • Give the pipes a helping hand by opening cabinets to allow the room to help warm the pipes
  • Keep the water flowing, moving water is less likely to freeze.  A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services recommends running a faucet with a steady stream.

What to do if the pipes freeze

  • You can try to use a hair dryer to help add extra heat to the space that is affacted
  • Be sure to know where the water shut off is in case the pipe split once thawed it will start spraying water
  • If you are not comfortable with thawing the pipes you can always call A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services to help thaw, and prevent any water damage from the frozen pipes.