With all the rain we are getting in the Lombard,  LaGrange and Naperville areas, you should have your sump pump inspected.  We recommend checking the operation of the pump  to ensure it turns on and off at the proper levels, and to clean out the sump pit to ensure nothing can jam the pump. If you are in need of a new sump pump A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services recommend Liberty Pumps. Unlike most manufactures that only warranty their pump from the build date, Liberty pumps starts their warranty at the date of installation.  We at A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services honors Liberty Pumps warranty on the pump. A-Archer Sewer & Plumbing Services highly recommends a battery backup sump pump.  We install the PHCC 2400 battery back up sump pump system.  The unit is a AC/DC system meaning if the primary pump goes out and you still have power the battery back up pump will run of the AC saving  the battery for when the power does go out.  The PHCC 2400  self checks  the battery and back up pump and will sound an alarm if there is an issue with either.   Call us to schedule your sump pump check up.  Mention this blog post to get $30.00 off the service call (not valid with any other offers)